Battery Source?

This is off topic, but if ever there was a group that could help out, it would be this one. I bought a cheap massage gun on Amazon at the beginning of the year and it has done wonders for me. It has now reached a point 10 months later where the battery will only last 3 or 4 minutes. The battery is not meant to be replaced, but I took the unit apart and pulled the battery out thinking it would be easy to find a replacement. It is a 7.4V lithium battery with dimensions roughly 65mm x 38mm x 18mm and a 2 pin connector. For the life of me I can’t seem to find a place to buy one that isn’t direct from China where you have to buy in bulk.

Any ideas on battery sources?

Try HobbyKing, they do all sorts of types of batteries and you can search by type, size etc.

No link given as if you simply Google HobbyKing you’ll find it and get directed to your local version as they have localised pages.

Thanks for the tip! I checked them out but only found one option and it didn’t look like the right form factor. Here is what it looks like.

Looks like a radio controlled battery.

amazon seems to have what you look for: here but you need to know it’s ratings

As @Travis says, that looks very much like a standard RC device battery.

Being “lithium” doesn’t necessarily matter so much as the voltage and the required amperage available.

Is there a label on the battery anywhere? Typically they will identify themselves. You’ve mentioned it’s 7.4v, it will likely have a capacity and drain rate also marked on it such as 4000mAh (how much charge it can hold) and 20C (how fast it can provide power on request, essentially).

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You guys are awesome! JC2020, yes, that looks like exactly what I need. I don’t know why I didn’t find that on my Amazon searches before. There are no markings on the battery that I can see. The double sided tape and foam may just be covering any markings and taking the foam off does not make any possible markings more readable. The existing battery is supposed to be 2000mAh, so this 2200mAh should be just fine. As far as charging rate, the charger lists 8.4V @ 1A. I don’t know what this means in terms of “C”, but it seems slow enough that it wouldn’t be a problem.

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Battery arrived. I stuck it in. Viola! I’m back up and running. Thanks a SUFload!