Beginner Strength Training for Cyclists

A few weeks ago I just started the first in the series of “Beginner Strength Training for Cyclists”, and even managed a little bit of muscle pain the next day.

Now with SYSTM, the series has gone and been replaced. How does the new compare to the old?

I found the the first two of the old series on youtube. Is there any chance of being to get hold the rest of the old series?

Hi @wma what I have found is that there’s a different variety of workouts in the strength workouts now with more emphasis being put on different areas ie Core Focus, Dynamic Focus, Full Body, Lower Body and others rather than just the simple Level 1A session up to 6B or whatever it was. Try from Full Body 1 I think that’s what Level 1A Strength is now but as you can see there’s more workouts on more specific parts of the body which I think is better.

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@wma There is a map from old to new.


Hi @Shaned1972 and @JSampson, thanks a lot for your replies. Very helpful!

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