Core strengh

Could you tell me the difference between core strengtheners in yoga and core focus in strength? To me they both seem to work on the core but why are they in two different categories,I have been doing core strengtheners under the yoga section for years now and it’s getting a bit boring. Which should we use prior to a cycle workout?

Largely this is just a difference in format and presentation of the exercises / postures. If you are looking for new and relevant content to target training your core, I would suggest working through the Core Focus series in the Strength section of the Library. If you are specifically training core 2x a week, start with Core Focus 01 and Core Focus 02 and progress from there.


@WahooCoach_Corey +1 for the core program. I think I learned on one of the early podcasts that I should be trying to add those workouts 2 times per week and try to stick to that.


That sounds perfect! I am also a huge fan of the Full Body series as it does an excellent job with muscle recruitment and helps to increase stability and balance. Doing Full Body 2x a week is great way to supplement your training and helps to keep the posterior chain strong! :muscle:

Keep up the good work gang!

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