Bike no longer pairs in new app

Hi, I have a Keiser M3i that previously paired just fine with SF and today I went to do my first ride and the app is not finding the bike, even though it’s 100% connected to my iPhone in Bluetooth, with the bluetooth converter flashing green like usual. I try to add a device in a workout and nothing shows in the menu, just sits there and spins. Super frustrating. Any idea of what’s going on and if I might be able to do something on my end?

Same issue, but with the Kynetic trainer. Have tried everything, but is not possible to pair the trainer with the app. Yes, super frustrating and nobody seems to have an answer.

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You quickest option for a fix would be to contact the minions. They respond quick (tho they may be under a bit more load at the moment).

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I had the same issue yesterday when I first went to use it. Already had my trainer turned on before putting Bluetooth on on the iPad and going into SYSTM so I turned the Neo 2 off completely while staying on the ride turned the Neo 2 back on, went into settings and connect devices and the Tacx showed up, immediately, my Stryd Footpod had only been showing up before. This probably won’t work for you but if you haven’t tried it maybe give it a go ?


Ok, so just finished my ride and yeah, I found a different approach worked. Previously I had to start pedaling my bike, get it to connect to my iPhone, and only after that would my bike show up in the workout. Instead this time I let the bike turn off and disconnect from my iPhone, then started a workout, and bam, the bike showed up.

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That approach does not worked for me. Now is showing the HR monitors from the 9round across the street, but no the trainer.

In my case I have a Stages Bike. Worked just fine with the Sufferfest app. Now with the SYSTM app the bike connects via BT, and STSTM picks up the cadence but can’t find the power signal. I’ve tried all of the usual power on/off, reboots, BT on/off, did a rain dance, etc.

Yes I sent the menions a love note.


Having the exact same issue with a Stages Bike SB20. Haven’t found any way to make it work yet.

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I have a Stages SB20 and I was able to get mine to work by pairing power and cadence to the left crank arm power meter. I left bike/trainer control paired to the bike itself and everything (e.g. ERG) “seems” to be working…

Hi Everyone,
I’m sorry to see that you are having trouble connecting. You may have already come across these resources, but I’m putting them here just in case.

Here is an extensive article that covers trainer connections in SYSTM.

If that doesn’t help, I encourage you to reach drop us a line here. Our support team is second to none.

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Same issue here with Kinetic Smart Control trainer. Had no problem with the SUF app but the new app simply cannot find my trainer. I tried everything tech support suggested and the issue occurs on all three of the devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro) where I’ve installed SYSTM. I tried other apps to rule out an issue with my trainer and they all (Kinetic Fit, Rouvy and Trainer Road) can find the trainer. Tech support says their tests show the app works with my trainer model and there’s basically nothing else they can suggest. Very frustrating…

Is your firmware for the trainer up to date?

Yes, it up to date with the latest firmware version (1266).

Dang. The only other thing I can think is that the new software uses a newer Bluetooth protocol, and some older trainers may not be compatible? I don’t know your specific trainer at all so can’t confirm. Maybe ANT+ is the way to go for now. I still ride that way a lot.

I do that sometimes, too. Depends on the day of the week and the mood of my trainer (smart trainer, that is. GvA always has the same mood every day).

Haha, yes he does

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I’m sure this has already been mentioned but I’ll ask anyway can you list in order what you turn on first to last ? I always turn my Neo 2 on first as it takes my Mac longer to boot up but I’ve noticed recently when I go into SYSTM go to play a workout the Neo doesn’t show up or it shows as connecting but never connects so I turn it off, unplug from wall then turn it back on go into add device and it appears. It’s probably not a solution but just wonder what you turn on first !

Might be related - the SYSTM Windows app has difficulties connecting to Bluetooth devices when it has been open for a long time in general. Perhaps something to do with the OS going into standby?
A restart of the app just before doing a workout usually helps.

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I have a Kurt Kinetic Smart Control. I’ve ordered an ANT+ dongle and will see if that allows me to connect. Thanks.

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Fingers crossed! Let us know how you get on!