Bike racks (car)


Does anyone have any recommendations for bike racks for a medium sized UK hatchback?

In the packing debate of suitcase Vs bike I was told: You can’t wear a bike but you can ride a suitcase.

I always first recommend getting a hitch installed then getting a platform hitch rack that supports the bike by its tires/wheels. That’s best for the bikes, best for the vehicle, and quickest/easiest to use transporting bikes. You can get a hitch installed on any vehicle. I have friends who had hitches put on Jaguar coupe and Porsche 911. If you’re insistent on a “strap-on” that hangs the bikes by their top tubes, then I usually recommend one the the Saris Bones racks.


Another option is Seasucker - temporary and very quick to put on and off. Super secure. Initially got them for a Renault Megane that had a central exhaust and no ability for normal roof racks (that lil’ car was then written off by someone rear-ending me at roadworks!). Now keep using them because I love the fact they don’t have to stay on the car.


I second @Saddlesaur : get a hitch. I have a two bike hitch carrier that swings out of the way to open the back (with or without bikes on it) and takes only a minute or two to get a bike on or off. I love it. It’s the Kuat Sherpa 2.0.


Totally agree with the hitch suggestion, although I’d call it a towbar.

I’ve got a roof rack too, but don’t want to expose a nice bike to long distance travel with that. I’m also scared to death that I’ll drive into something and forget the height…


Roof racks terrify me. Many years ago, we were driving from Virginia to Massachusetts with bikes on a roof rack on our mini van. We foolishly decided to take the Merritt Parkway In Connecticut which has little overpasses every few miles, many of which had less clearance than our bikes. While there were signs and you could always get off and go around, I recall a white knuckle hour of worrying we’d miss a sign and cut the bikes in half.


The Merritt Pky is a very cool historic drive, but yeah, very low clearance under the many decorated overpasses. No roof rack for me as the bikes wouldn’t fit under the Taco Bell drive thru portico. :smile: Also a bit of a chore putting bikes on/off, especially heavier mtbs. I like to minimize impediments to riding so being able to put the rack on/off the vehicle quickly and easily and put the bikes on/off the rack quickly and easily are major considerations, along with safety and security of the bikes.


Me too! Which is why I love my Kuat hitch carrier.


Thanks for all the comments, unfortunately I can’t get a towbar because my car has a central exhaust.

I’ll have a look at the saris, the seasucker option is interesting but worries me.

You could also give a try to inside bike racks if your boot is big enough. I use a “Bikeinside” interior rack and it works just fine. It also prevents from exterior damage and stealing.

Perhaps you need a new car🙃

I am v interested in this set up ! Anyone got it?


I think the Seasucker racks are good as long as the vacuum holds, which it does unless there’s some flaw/scratch/hair/debris on the surface or cup, or some other leak. The cups have suction indicators, so pulling over after a bit and checking to see that it’s not decreasing should give confidence to continue. Exercising due care in handling and putting the mounts on certainly helps. That said, it’s still more or less a roof rack.

I’ve had my Seasuckers for a good couple of years now - prior to that I always had a towbar/ hitch-based rack - they are super-easy. But a car with a central exhaust changed that and now I use them on a car that could get a hitch.

These suction caps are SUPER strong - I reckon if you drove into your garage with the bike on they’d rip your roof off before they came off! Also key for me is that I put them on a very low car - reaching up high to put bikes on is a PITA.

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New car. Then a hitch. Then a 1 UP rack. Far and away the best made. If I had a dime for every “oops I drove the bike into the garage” story….

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+1 on the seasucker. While I own another brand (they get quite expensive in Europe due to import) it’s the exact same system. I have had it for over a year and it’s really easy. I can mount it on whichever car is at home at the time and after having done it a few times it goes really fast. They are really solidly attached to the car.


Which brand?

I have rockbros, but I’m not sure about uk delivery. But I know treefrog has a UK website.


Agree with this completely. Hitch and 1up. Not cheap, but I consider it a lifetime purchase. Best out there hands down.