How do you store your bikes?

I’m looking to get the storage of my bikes sorted, but I’m struggling with “how” and to do so efficiently.

I have a rather typical British garage (as in “it’s too small to be truly useful, what were they thinking when they defined this as a standard size”).
I have my trainer set up in there along with garden tool storage and the family bikes.
I’d like to make the most efficient use of space possible.

I have two further bikes myself, one more adult bike and three children’s size bikes (which will hopefully drop to two when I can persuade my daughter off the town bike, but will also grow in size as they do). So, realistically, I need storage for 5 bikes that is, ideally, space-efficient.

The height of the room and dimensions would only really allow two bikes vertically above one another on a wall. I had considered mounting them with wheels against the wall, but that chews nearly half the width of the garage when you factor in my saddle height. It is probably still the most efficient method I can think of so far.
Alternatively, at a push, I could put in a shed or storage unit outside just for the bikes.

As people are wonderfully resourceful creatures, though, there is every possibility one or more of you have come up with amazingly creative solutions to this problem, so, if you have, show me your storage solutions :grinning:


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I think I have every option going in my garage. I find that wheel up against a wall works well for my regular bikes (back wheel in a floor mount, front wheel on a hook - some “experts” would say to never do that cos they read it on the internet but whatevs, my bikes seem perfectly happy with it). You could do it at an angle to save width. I have a couple hanging by their saddle from a scaffold pole that’s mounted up high which also works well as I can store things like the lawn mower under them.


I’m lucky enough to have a big double garage for my pain / man cave. I have six Steadyrack hangers (5 regular, 1 fender/mudguard version) on one wall. They are more expensive than a basic hanger for £5 or so, but with them pivoting, you can angle the bikes to reduce how far they stick out or make it easier to get a bike in/out.


I built an area in my garage that is meant to store bikes and bike accessories but the kids have added their stuff as well… so now I store mine in a mess for the time being.


Now, I like that, but it will also help to give some further context to my issue.
You see that wooden frame around the bikes? That represents somewhere around a sixth of the total volume of a typical British garage… :slight_smile:

For who knows what reason, when they standardised on garage sizes over here it was already too small for a typical British car and those cars have only got bigger over the interceding years.
Think of a shoe box that expanded, as opposed to a functional addition to a house :smiley:


I’m blessed with a massive garage…One of the reasons I bought this house. More room for bikes. Then kids came and took over!


You even have a car in your garage!

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I saw this in Lidl.
Telescopic pole with brackets for two bikes.



I use the vertical method as well. What I really need to do is get rid of some of them (so I can get a new one…)

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I think I can contribute here. I got these hanging racks at a local Lowes’ store for around $6 USD each. Each one is capable of ~45 lbs (I think). Because my garage is drywalled, not plywood or concrete, I added these anchor bolts. Thus far the bikes have been there for 3 years, no issues at all.


I have a similar issue. Currently have a shipping container as a garage (similar size to yours by the sounds of it). I bought this and it hangs the bikes in a fairly compact way if you angle them:

Bike rack

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Hahah I’m looking for a new house. The estate agent always asks, what’s your non negotiable. And it’s always a monstrous garage. Then they ask how many cars I have and I start laughing.

As Yiyan points out, there are vertical bike racks that then swing to the side. Very smart and take up less room. Also if you offset the vertical hangers (one up higher, next one lower) then you can mount the bikes much close together as the handlebar clash is avoided. If there’s inadequate height to do that, rack every 2nd bike by the rear wheel.


I park my car outside 365 days per year. I use the resulting empty bay for a power rack, trainer, and a transition rack w my bikes on it, right by the door and ready to go. It is cold in there in the winter but at least I have the space.

I have mine hanging from C hooks on the ceiling, 2 for my bikes-1 for the wife and daughter’s :grinning:. I rotate the MTB & Road to the inside

depending on what season it is

6 bikes in 48" of width with an adjustable hook system. I’m in a condo w/ no garage, so spare room turned media/pain cave it is.

I used an old fence post cut it in half put bike’s on an angle saves loads of space.


Well in my case, I’m using vertical bicycle lift and it does helps me alot with storing my bikes and saving some space in my garage. So I would really recommend you to consider this bike storing.