Bike locks

Anyone in the UK got a good bike lock they can recommend? It will mostly be used on a £700 CX bike which is left in relatively safe locations.

I’d like the impossible thing of lightweight and secure, but will settle for something that has a reasonable level of both.

I’ve currently got a Tigr Bow which is OK but a pain to carry and can be really awkward to use if it decides to be.


Interestingly, I had this in my Twitter feed the other day: - maybe it helps you pick one…

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That is a very mixed bag of locks! Maybe some good ones in there, but definitely some I wouldn’t touch even with a cheap pub bike.

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I thought the same. Take from it what you want and hopefully others will chip in with alternatives.

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It doesn’t help that I’ve watched a lot of these videos and while I know the average criminal couldn’t do anywhere near as much as he can, it still makes me very wary.

Looking back over recent videos, I’ve found a couple he recommends, which is a very rare thing, so I’ll check those out.

Still happy to take local recommendations.

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