Sweat catchers

I don’t know the official name for them, but I was wondering how many people use one of the sweat catchers that clips between the seat post and bars.

I’ve seen loads on Amazon and they vary from cheap to quite expensive for what they are.

If they are any good, is there a particular brand to go for?

I believe they are called bike thongs. I really like the one made by Elite.


I’ll admit, I went into incognito mode before searching for that, but you are right.

I’ll put a bike thong on the Christmas list and will see what I get. I might have to post photos.


Here in England, I just got one from Evans. Seems to work okay, not too wide nearer the saddle so my legs don’t rub against it.
I still put a towel of the top of my bars as added protection. I wouldn’t use it on it’s own.

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I bought the one from Decathlon itself; 20EUR I think they are.
Doing its job as it should.

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Sounds like they are worth getting then, that’s good

+1 for the Elite. It’s good quality. Mine needs a good wash :cold_sweat:

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I can’t find one from Elite, when I search for it all I get is one from Cycleops which is not available.

Got mine from probikekit but seems like out of stock at the moment

Is it the Cycleops one?

Got one in decathlon, cheaper than fleabay.

They are also called Bike Guard Sweat Protectors. I have the Saris / CycleOps “original” version. It has two pockets that are great for holding a remote and fan control. The guard seems to be effective. Even when there is “holy water” all over the floor during my rides the bike top tube is never damp.

Here in the states I use one from Blackburn. It’s called a bike thong. I also keep a sweat towel over the bars that I use and replace every ride. Taking apart the bike for a clean last month, I realized I needed another draped over the front tire, brake, and wrapped around the cable inlets to the frame. Yeah, I sweat a lot. Holy waterworks!

I’ve had two. The current one (Tacx) has a pouch to store my phone. I’d recommend the variety with a pouch. It can be really useful for long relaxed rides & races.

I’ve actually removed the front brake. Check the quick release skewer opens and shuts fine. I religiously cleaned my bike and forgot the skewer joint, which seized. Had to cut it off.