Blew up on 4dp


I need some advice. I did ok on my sprint and the 5 min was ok, it I went out too fast on my 20 min and had to stop to vomit at 5 mins. I carried on, but couldn’t get a decent ftp (30 lower than any other test).

I think my problem is my fitness not my power.

Anyway, the app has taken down my 5 min and kept my 20 min… I know it’s too low. Should I manually change my 20 min and 5 min up or just go with it and see what happens.

(I know my numbers weren’t great, but hey, that’s why I am training with Sufferfest…)

You could always do the HM ramp test to fill in your FTP and MAP values. I wouldn’t go with those FF values given what happened in the test!

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I’ve failed the FF several times by blowing up on the 20 min section! I found it takes a bit of practice to get the power and cadence combination right. I think it’s a skill in its own right.
You know you have to do it again! Think of it as a punishment ride from Grunter😁


I think you may be right, but not for a few days.

Half Monty it is in the interim :grin:

Here is a link to an article on pacing that helped me. If you are new to the program it will take a while to get your nervous system to adapt to the work so just hang in there.


Awesome. Thanks

I went out at just over my normal FTP (as it said that it would take 100% of the pace, rather than the usual 95%). With hindsight and reading this article, I should have gone out below my normal FTP and built up a bit. The prep article also said give it your all on the 5 minute and don’t hold back. I did, but did not recover sufficiently.

I willl try it again when I feel a bit fitter and next time I will know.

:grin: :grin: :grin:

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I’ve been using Half Monty for longer than I’d like to admit and finally re-did FF yesterday. I set all time high numbers on my 5 sec and 5 min power, but actually dropped 14 points (~5%) from my FTP number. It definitely takes some practice to get that one right. Good luck when you try again!!


Thanks @GPatz

I did the half monty

+39 FTP
+32 MAP ( but only +19 against what I got in ff)

Not sure I should take all the gains though as seemed a bit too easy…

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Why not? If your previous FTP tests have been around 30W higher then it sounds about right to me. I would go for it and crack on with your training plan.

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I guess 10 over my old FTP is not so much… it might push me a bit. Thanks @Peteski