4DP 5 second sprint criteria

Hi, I have my first ever 4DP test looming up in 5 days time and I have been looking at so many threads and help articles regarding pacing/planning and far too many horror stories, enough to put me off TBH. I did the Half Monty about 6 weeks ago now and that wasn’t overhard (except for the last bit of the ramp). What I can’t find a definite answer to is how to approach those two 5 second max sprints in FF. Some say get up to FTP before hitting the start of the 5 secs etc. Are they started from a standing start or from a specific pace etc? Thanks

Don’t over think it. I’ve always just thrown the bike into a big gear and gone all out. If the first one felt too easy try increasing the level mode just for the 2nd 5s sprint.


Pedal at 85 or so RPM near FTP before the sprint.

Listen to this to get a true expert view on how to approach FF from the man who designed it: FF Podcast


Don’t worry too much about those 5 second sprints, you get two goes at it so learn from your first effort or try something different in the second effort. Whichever gets your best result was the right one!

Thanks, listened to it and it answered all of my questions! Cheers!

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Yep. Don’t overthink it. What I always do to test is the one week Fitness Test Prep plan with a Half Monty 3 days in and the Full Frontal at the end. The HM sets the suggested targets in the level mode FF. What I do is try to just beat those suggested targets. The plan is one week of solid work so it’s not a throwaway by any means. When I’m done with a usual training plan, I tack this 7 day plan on the end to gauge the results and establish the 4DP metrics for the next plan.