Confusing 4DP results

I have been on SF for the last 18 months with great success. My latest 4DP compared to the previous test some 6 months showed that three of my results (dimensions) were almost identical to the number, except for my MAP which dropped by some 20 points? How can it be that my 20 mins FTP can be the same but my 5 min MAP is completely out of line? The program pointed this out to me, but I still fail to understand how it is possible. I gave it an all out go from start to finish.

Did you pace the 5 minute effort well? If you didn’t, you could get the results you describe.

Very confusing. Sorry to hear your numbers are basically the same. I experienced the same thing so trying a new plan.

What kind of training have you been doing recently. I find MAP changes alot based on my recent training but the others kind of remain the same.

Yes I did. Looking at the stats - my avg HR for the 5 mins section in 4DP was 161HR and my avg HR for the 20 mins section was 160 HR. My HR max is 176. So I have done both @ 90% of max HR. Yet the NP, AP and FTP were in line with the previous three 4DP attempts over a year. Only the MAP was approx 10% lower than before.

@philip.potgieter When this happened to me it was because I went out too hot on the MAP section. Here is a Coach Neal article on pacing that I found helpful:

Also try some MAP focused workouts like AVDP or Nine Hammers to reconfirm or dispel the numbers.

Many thanks @JSampson, its been very helpful!

You could try adjusting your map manually and see how that works for you.