Bluetooth Speaker Drop-out in Windows

So here’s a weird one for you: switched out my home setup to a laptop running Windows 11 from MBP (long story). I run an HDMI connection from the laptop to a 27" monitor, and connect audio through an external BT speaker.

The weird bit is that when I run a SUFF video (so far I’ve only tried those), whenever I get a sound effect (engine rev or brakes squealing, specifically), the BT speaker drops out. The video continues, but audio is gone until I pause, disconnect the speaker over BT, then reconnect. Mind you it’s not the audio track in the video, just the sound effect overlays.

So yesterday I turned off sound effects in the settings, and et voila, no BT speaker drop-out. Weird, right? I put a ticket into the Minions, but curious if anyone else has experienced similar? I honestly can’t explain it.

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never had that. Following cuz I am curious.

Bizarre… does it play the sound (rev/squeal) and then drop out? Or does it immediately drop out when something from the sound effects track/channel attempts to play?

No idea on a solution, bluetooth audio is weird… it also can have a slight delay which is maddening when lip motion and the voices are out of whack.

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I usually run all my audio through my BT headphones and never had this issue. Sounds strange. I’m curious as well. Not sure why Sound effects should make a difference. :thinking:


Exactly this. Sound effect - drop.

Makes the computer/audio nerd in me really want to know how Wahoo overlays the audio tracks for their video streaming format. Clearly the sound effect layer is a separate thing from the main video file, since you can toggle it on/off independent of the stream.

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