WiFi Connected Speakers

I have had continuing issues with using my WiFi HomePod speaker and the SuffApp. Audio cuts in and out and the video glitches at the same time. I have reported this to the Minions and they are aware but said there is no fix at this time. It is frustrating because I do not have this issue with any of the other apps I use for audio. Also BT speakers work fine, sigh. Thoughts?

@GJStache53 Are the videos downloaded or streaming? I have problems mirroring the videos to Apple TV over WiFi if the video is streaming but it’s generally fine if downloaded

All downloaded, I don’t stream any workouts. Better chance of survival in the videos are downloaded.

Sensor connection interference briefly triggering the Couchlandrian auto-pause? Guessing. Easy enough to test that one, just turn off auto-pause and see if it fixes it.

Thanks for the idea, will try the next time the bike goes on the trainer.

Hi Gerry,

you are using an Apple HomePod, right?

I tried to do the same and sadly Apple doesn’t go the “normal” way of doing things. The sound is transmitted via WiFi protocol (Airplay) instead of Bluetooth, which in Apples ecosystem translates to a 2-second delay.

In pure video apps the applications will delay the video stream accordingly. But the apps have to be written the “proper way” - from how I understand it.
SUF is more like a game when considering the use case because we do make our input with the trainer which, of course, needs immediate and not delayed action.

The following article explains it for the Apple TV but it works the same way on iOS and Mac devices.
I always had either the said delay or a buggy app on my hand.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that AirPlay itself has a bit of a lag since it’s a wireless protocol. However, the Apple TV and the HomePod are smart enough to recognize this and compensate for the lag so that video and audio are lined up just right. The bad news is that this really only works with video content. If you play any games on your Apple TV, the lag is more apparent.


Sorry for the bad news. But I hope this helps.

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Thank Pierre … I think :wink: … This makes sense after reading all of this and the source article. Guess it’s back to the old BT speaker. what is strange though is that if I connect the HomePod to my MAC 1st on a fresh boot up and then start the SuffApp it usually works just fine. However 100% of the time if you pause or try to go to another video the problem returns.

Oh well … maybe on another planet this will get resolved.