Intermittent choppy videos and non connection to Bluetooth

Using windows

The videos are choppy 50% of the time wether downloaded or not and video errors and the ability to connect to Bluetooth devices also very inconsistent.

Just wasted 45 minutes trying to get it all to work and now it’s perfect. This has happened many times.

Anyone else?

Due to the time I’ve lost I won’t complete my workout and won’t make up the time. Love the videos but I’m on the verge of cancelling.

Laptop is fine for video streaming etc 100% of the time on every other app

Using windows too, but not having this issue.

What do you need to do for it to work sensibly again?

Bluetooth can be weird, especially if other devices have connected to that piece of equipment recently and multiple connections are trying to be made (tablet, phone and or computer all trying to connect, something is going to give at some point)

Removing and reinstalling the app is something to try, and a support request with the minions when that doesn’t do anything.