Suito reporting 300+ miles per hour speeds

Hi all,

Was doing “Getting away with it” yesterday and the speed reported from my trainer kept alternating between an actual speed and 300+ mph. The speed display jumps every second or so from what I think is the actual speed and something much higher. The trainer is an Elite Suito and it’s set to provide power, speed, and cadence directly. I don’t have any other sensors on the bike at present.

If I switch to Wahoo’s virtual speed, everything works fine.

Anyone else have a similar issue?

Had the same thing with Suito & Direto XR. Few other kinks on Elite’s trainers, like ERG more didn’t hold resistance at target power, but would let you go overboard, and it took longer for the trainer to catch up on power changes, and had to perform spindown calibration every now and then. I have to say I’m much happier with Kickr v6.

Sounds perfectly normal for a Sufferlandrian…

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Yeah, I agree…what’s the point? :wink:

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Too much power

@Sir_Brian_M clearly this forum needs sarcastic font.


Exactly the same on my Direto.

I have a Suito that does the same. I switch off Elite Speed and just use Wahoo’s virtual speed. I also have a cadence sensor that I use as well instead of the Elite one. Works perfectly fine in that set up.