Bolt-On Axle/Nut Axle

Hey all! For starters, I’ve just started getting into biking and received my Wahoo Kickr Core to ride indoors. After doing some research, I realized that I have what’s called a “bolt on axle”. I don’t want to remove the freewheel cassette from my bike, so I bought a 2nd cassette compatible with both my bike and the trainer. The issue I have now is the axle. Anyone here have a recommendation on what axle or adapter they used to mount the bike on the trainer?


Hi and welcome to the forum!
Have you tried the quick-release skewers? I’m no bike mechanic, but would think that the frame side of things is the same…

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Hey @Biker704, welcome to the forums and even more so, WELCOME to cycling!!!

Can you be more specific on what bike you are using. Make, model, year, number of speeds, if you know the dimensions of your axle (many rear axles are 142mm long with 12mm diameter, some are 135mm x 12mm).

Eg. I have a Focus Cayo 11 speed with a 50/34 front rings and an 11/32 cassette installed on my Kickr. My bike uses a quick release.

Depending on your answer, the Core may have come with axle adapters that would work for your bike.

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