Turbo trainer to fit Trek MTB

hello i need some advice i have a Trek MTB X-Caliber 7 2019 and i want to turbo trainer hopefully a wahoo model the spec below for my bike but i am struggling to find one that is compatible has anybody got any advice or suggestions of make and model or how i can fit it to a wahoo turbo trainer thanks


Size Rear, 141mm
FT/RR Rear
Length 141 mm
Axle diameter 5 mm
Hub width 141mm
Attachment Quick-release
Material Steel

There should be enough adapters to help with fitting any bike to a Wahoo Kickr Core or Kickr V5 Here and here

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I have not seen a trainer with adapters that will fit 141 boost QR hub with a skewer. It’s like traditional QR dropouts 130 or 135mm wide, but 141mm wide. That’s an oddball spec.

Another option could be the new Kickr Roller if you’ve got a power meter that you can use on your bike? With the Roller the fit is near enough universal. Here’s more info

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Thank you for coming back to me i really want a direct drive turbo trainer bc i have been told they have the same feel and a lot better i am just finding it hard to find one with my trek mtb because i have 141x5mm qr boost

yep v agree its so odd it seems like i have bought the only bike in the world that is an oddball i guess this sums up my life thank you for coming back to me and trying to help

hello andy thank you for your reply it seems like i have bought the only bike in the world that struggles to fit with any direct drive trainer its just typical i have spoke to most big companies and no one does an adapter for this size i will go back to the drawing board and keep hunting thank you

It’s definitely not on you. One common complaint in the bicycling world are the many and changing “standards” for mechanical parts. Hub and axle standards are a major example. When a new one comes out, sometimes it catches on and sometimes they kinda die on the vine. Unbeknownst to you, you just happened to get one that didn’t become more widely adopted. One thing you might consider, if you expect you’ll want to regularly do indoor riding and training, is to find an inexpensive used bike, maybe $150 or so, to dedicate to the trainer. It just needs to be good enough to work on the trainer. That’s essentially what I do. I have an old bike of mine that I just leave set up on the trainer.


Thank you again for your help i totally understand what you are saying and that’s why i really don’t understand why bike companies like trek can not make different size adapters for when this kind of thing happens I have seen the prices of the adapters and they are like 20£ upwards i rather spend that than get a new/secondhand bike i have had heart issues all my life and back in 2018 i had a defib fitted and last year i had a new one fitted and the defib went off when i was in the shower and now for the first time in my life i have lost all my confidence to do with training so i want to get it back being within the safety of my home when i train bc collapsing in the street is not fun bc no one helps its happened a couple of times so as they say the search continues i am sure there is something out there i just need to find it thank you again saddlesaur