Brakes slow things down!

This had me laughing for the evening so had to share it.

My wife uses our Kickr bike occasionally to do Zwift rides. She was running late for a group ride so set things up in a rush, jumped on the bike but started complaining that it was really hard to pedal, of course, it was my fault as I’d obviously changed something so I was dragged in to fix it.

I agreed that pedalling was hard but couldn’t work out what could have changed as I don’t use Zwift so hadn’t changed anything. Then I noticed she had lowered the adjustable laptop stand and it was now low enough to be resting on both brake levers. I moved the stand and it all started working as expected again.

So, if you are ever forced to use Zwift but want some extra suffering, locking both brakes on would definitely help!


My son likes to come into my room in the morning while I’m riding and push on my brakes. Fortunately since I’m on a Kickr Core, the brake levers do nothing. Otherwise there would have been a lot of extra suffering going on during last weekend’s MAP intervals!

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I guess we need to be glad you weren’t on rollers.


slightly different topic but once I was with a group that were sprinting for village signs. At the Botton of a long hill, someone shot out of the group and attacked it hard. We looked around wondering what was going on. At the top the madman was lying on a grass verge in a cloud of steam by a sign saying “beware sheep”

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Isn’t that the next village over from Cowsin Theroad?

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