Snapped Bars!

It’s worth remembering that sweat will eat through aluminium bars.

This weekend just gone was a fast group ride, so everyone on the limit and one of the riders bars snap!!
Somehow he managed to stay up and not take down the whole bunch!

Peeling back the bar tape showed lots of white dust and very little aluminium.
He does a lot of turbo work and the sweat runs down his arm and on to the first bend in the bars, where it snapped.

Incredibly lucky to not take down 6 riders at a pace that would have hurt a lot.

So please remember to change your bar tape regularly and inspect the bars underneath!!


And depending on the anatomy of your front brake the sweat can run down the wire to your front brake. I don’t attach the cable anymore. I’ve heard the headsets can get quite manky too. Not replaced a fork to look though.

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Always a good reminder! @Sir_Clayton is the man to talk to if you need help slowing the handlebar sweat down. He and @rebecca.bell have a pretty neat little device :wink:

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