Breathing Exercises

Anyone have any good resource they can pass on that discuss breathing? Prescribing breathing exercises as well would be awesome.

I’ve been trying to really develop the ability to properly do the 2:1 that SYSTM teaches in a few of its videos. I’ve found I have a tough time maintaining that rhythm when I break into zone 4 heart rate land and want to try to train accordingly.

Thanks and merry Christmas.

The breathing videos in the Yoga section would be my first recommendation.


Tells you how often I check out the yoga section. :crazy_face::gun:


Some of the workouts, such as Recharger, have you practice breathing during the workout.

Well aware. Looking for something a little more specific and comprehensive.

Ask sir glen coutts about the yoga sessions. Apparently he loves yoga!! :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

In all seriousness though the yoga and strength sessions are great, particularly if you’re getting on a bit!!! :man_white_haired:

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Lol. I AM getting on a bit. @mserge, there was a thing in the From The Coaches about breathing training:


There is a “breathing” filter

Cool thing about breathing: it requires no special equipment, no change of clothes, travels with you wherever you go, and you don’t have to shower when you’re done (the funeral home takes care of that).

I practice mindful breathing and controlling my breath multiple times a day when I’m not focused on anything else in particular. I like the 4-7-8 breathing rhythm that shows up in some of the yoga sessions and usually do that several times a day. It has helped my breath control on and off the bike.


+1 on this one followed by 3 part breath, then the box breathing. Do each of these 1x/week!


Good app called balance that has good breathing routines. Highly recommended doing a few times a day :+1:t2:

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