Breathing trainers

Hi. I’m sure I am not the only one who gets lots of training ads based on using sites like sufferfest/systm and others. Does anyone have any experience of using things like airofit breath traininers? The data seems sketchy. Obviously they sell pretty well but I wonder if it is a gimmick and using the yoga and other non bike training might be a better idea.

What do people think? For background, I did have childhood asthma but not needed any inhalers for years. So no real respiratory health problems


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Thanks - mainly as I thought. Advertising works so well that it makes you really think about it. But still the Scottish sense of money to do a double take and read more before spending so much!

I have one and used it a few times. It seemed to show in a few sessions through the week that my lung capacity and strength was improving, but i found it to be a faff to use. I seem to produce lots of saliva when the mouthpiece is in so i never liked it. It sits in a bag not getting used so i would say… yes its gimmicky and you will be better doing other more meaningful stuff like strength and yoga.
I though the app would keep me using it but it didnt.

I remember something similar 10/15yrs ago, the consensus was that yes over time your ability to use the machine became better and implied your diaphragm was stronger, but they disappeared as people didn’t actually get faster