Breathing is so overrated

We’ve had brutal fires here in Oregon and our air quality the last 12 days has been extremely hazardous. Even with the house closed up and the filter going non-stop its been rough and they recommend avoiding exercise. So I’ve been taking it quite easy, just some light spinning (rehabbing from my hamstring tear) and hamstring rehab work and weights. Well today I had the bright idea to tackle “Butter”. Ok half a stick of butter is better than none I suppose - I had to stop half way as my lungs were suffering.

I guess its gonna be a bit of a grind getting back into full fitness. Set up a beginner training program to start once our air quality improves, or just wing it (which is my usual approach)?




I’m with you. I was thrilled to see AQI less than 300 today. I’ve been doing easy workouts inside this week but even the air in my house is bad. The rain can’t happen soon enough.

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Bay Area, California here: first couple rides out yesterday and today with AQI sub 50.
Survived the past week with super light workouts in the garage, fully sealed and running HEPA filters full blast. Still not ideal, but damaging lungs is not ideal either, fitness can be rebuilt.
Stay safe and be patient.


Ugh… I’m so sorry that you all are stuck with the smoke.

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The air quality is a lot better today finally. A storm came through and brought rain last night and pushed out the nasty air. We were able to open up the house this morning for the first time in 12 days. I’m looking forward to getting back on the bike and being able to breathe.