"Cadence Builds", a Kickr Bike, and the Newbie's question

I’m a relative newbie to training. I started cycling a few years ago after several decades off the bike. This past fall I decided to take cycling and my health a bit more seriously. I wanted to give indoor riding a chance, so I borrowed a friend’s Kickr. I was instantly hooked and did some research into building my own setup. Opting for the Kickr Bike, I went all-in on my training and got a year of The Sufferfest to go with it.

I’ve done a few different workout plans and have loved every minute of them. Now, I’m starting the All-Purpose Road plan, and have come to a realization and a question. The “Cadence Builds” video says to build to your maximum cadence. And apparently the Kickr Bike tops out at a maximum cadence of 130. Once you hit about 129, it starts adding resistance to keep the inner bits from dying (or for some similar reason).

So my question is:
Should I stop my cadence at around 127-128, to keep the wattage at the target that the workout gives, or should I get the cadence up to 130, and let the resistance build as high as I can keep it up?

I’m not really sure if it is more important to just pump it out as hard as I can, or if I would be better served to keep my power lower while going for a high cadence…

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The goal for Cadence Builds is the cadence number not power. So, since your Bike is topping you out at 130, there’s no use in pushing past 130 to force the bike to increase resistance. Just try to build up to 127-128 so your Bike doesn’t crank up the power since power isn’t the point.