Wahoo bike overrunning settings

I love my Kickr Smartbike but I have 1 issue that I’m not sure how to resolve. When riding Cadence Builds or similar programs that have high cadence when I’m in ERG and go above 120 cadence instead of the wattage building to the set power level it keeps increasing the faster I pedal as much as 3 times or more than the setting, is this normal?

I think there is a minimum power that the trainer cannot go below for a given gear combination. Try using a different gear combination…

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Kickr Bike is limited to 130rpm by design. Go above this and it ramps up the resistance, as you say. Not ideal for Cadence Builds but is what it is. Don’t know why, have read that it was done to stop it breaking.

Update: covered here https://support.thesufferfest.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015061199-Wahoo-Kickr-Bike

I get that but it starts around 120, but maybe it’s part of slowing you down so you can’t get over 130. I can keep going to 130 rpm but I’m redlining on power. Maybe Wahoo has answers. I could switch to level mode but it’s just something I wonder about because I can’t remember if it did it before SYSTM or before I upgraded to Apple 15.1 IOS so I thought it might be software.

I tried different gears, same result. Maybe I’ve become a Sufferlandrian, lol!

If you submit a request to this link they can hopefully help you out

The Neobike doesn’t have this problem and the normal Kickrs don’t either. They should be able to fix it with a firmware update (if enough people complain)