Cadence drills outdoors. Cadence targets?

Hi all,

I have the novid cadence drills scheduled for today.

In the description I note it says this workout can be done outdoors by using the workout outline/targets included in the description which I’m keen to do as it’s quite nice weather here being spring time.

So I’ve created this workout in Garmin connect using the description. Can anyone explain why, as a cadence drill, cadence targets aren’t included in the description? What cadence should I be aiming for in each part of the workout?


Hi Ben,
Sorry about that! I will adjust the description for you.
For your workout today though go for:

  • Warm-up 80-90rpm
  • Build: 90-150rpm
  • Hold: 115rpm
  • Single Leg: 85rpm

Thanks Rupert!

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