Cadence halved


Before contacting support I was wondering if this was a known bug, or if anyone else was experiencing this. Since about 2 days ago my reported cadence seems to be divided by 2. Eg if I have to pedal at 90 rpm, the app shows me doing 45. (While I might not be doing exactly 90, I am sure I am not doing 45 RPM) I tried using my power meter cadence sensor over ANT+ and my kickr core cadence over Bluetooth and got the same result. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling, but this didn’t change anything. I’m on a Mac version 7.71.0 of SYSTM. Nothing in my setup has changed except for a SYSTM update which coincided with the halving of my cadence.

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I haven’t experienced that myself and will be heading to a ride in the next couple hours. I will report back but, in the meantime you should definitely report this to support. If for no other reason than so they can log the issue. The Company doesn’t always see these things in the forum and there may be other folks with the same issue that aren’t even on the forums.

Out of curiousity, have you done a spindown calibration of the Core lately, and are you sure you have the latest firmware?

Cadence was being reported correctly by my Kickr Core over bluetooth yesterday. Have you done the recent firmware update? I did that on mine last week.

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I’m on a Kick ‘18 and there’s been no update lately. It’s just that firmware and updates are usually what I think of when something used to work one way then doesn’t work that way anymore.

Edit: nvm, I thought you were asking me, but we’re both asking @Tmi

I have not done a calibration recently (it’s been a month or so). And did not update my kicker core recently. I don’t normally use the core to report cadence, I use my crank based power meter sensor. So I tried the kickr cadence to check if there was an issue with my power meter. But maybe it’s both. I’ll update my kickr core and change my power meter batteries and see if that helps.


Thanks for the help all. Just to close this. It has been perfectly resolved by support. My power meter 's cadence sensor works fine. But it was my core. And as it turns out the combination of my gearing choice apparently makes it unable for the core’s algorithm to calculate cadence correctly. But since I normally use a separate cadence sensor there’s no issue there for me.