Kickr v5 sticky cadence?

So i recently got a kickr v5 as a replacment for my failed v4. But after i stop peadling my cadence will fall to like 40 and stick there for a good 20-30 seconds. No power will show up but it will register cadence. Is this a known bug? Or did i get a faulty replacment kickr?

Sounds faulty to me. I have a v5 and it doesn’t do that. There is a delay of a second or two in cadence (I assume because it’s a 3 sec average), but nothing like you describe. When I stop pedaling, cadence quickly goes to zero. Contact support. My first KICKR was faulty and after some diagnostics, they replaced it.

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Mine is fine until my cadence gets over 130 or so and then starts recording lower. For example, when at 140 rpm it will sometimes record a cadence much lower (70s). Only a problem when I’m doing cadence builds.

Yup. At high cadence, the KICKR’s cadence algorithm breaks down. I think it’s because pedaling form breaks down and doesn’t have the regular peaks and troughs in power that the algorithm uses. You might also want to check your firmware. The update to the current version improved its ability to measure high cadence, but it’s still imperfect.

Hmm it seems it may be something with my rgt. as it takes 3 ir 4 seconds on wahoo fitness for the cadence to zero.I am going to give a reinstall a go and see if it fixes it. Whats odd is it didnt do it with my v4.

Can I assume you’re using the Kickr’s built-in cadence? I have a v5, but default to the cadence sensor mounted on my crank and I can’t say I’ve seen this happen.


Yea i am using the built in. It didnt do this on my v4 but it seems maybe something funky happened to my rgt on my laptop so i am going to reinstall and test this afternoon

After I got a new bike that lives on my KICKR, I concluded that with the firmware upgrade, the built in cadence sensor was good enough. Although I have a shoe mounted one I can use if I want to measure super high cadence during drills.

My issue seems to be only rgt i hope. I could be at 90 and if i stop it would get stuck at 40± for 30 seconds. But in a quick test this morning wahoo fitness android app did not show the same issue. So i will have to check after a reinstall of rgt on my laptop

alright after some more testing. other applications like system x on both android tab and windows pc will have the cadence unstick after about 6-8 seconds which seems alot more normal. but rgt on both my laptop and tablet both will hold the cadence at about half the value before I stopped for 20-30 seconds. so it seems to be down to something odd with at least my kickr v5 if others are not seeing it when using the kickr’s cadence on rgt

There is a sticky cadence bug in RGT, fix is in progress.

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ok thats good to know im not crazy or that my trainer has issues