Calculating W/Kg

Hi there xperts :slight_smile:

How is W/Kg actually calculated? I thought this was simple math.

I’m brand new to Suffering in this manner and just completed my very first Full Frontal test and wonder about some of the metrics in the resulting profile, or to be more precise the calculated W/Kg.

I got a FTP of 273W which seemed correct but at the same time it says my W/Kg is 1,48. I’m a big guy at 85 kg, which I thought would give me 3,2 W/Kg (273W/85Kg=3,2). So how is W/Kg then calculated? What am I missing here? My personal data was/is correct in my profile.

Is it possible you entered in lbs instead of kgs in your profile? Meaning you put in 187 kg instead of 85 kg?

Yah, W/Kg is what is sounds like – just division. The only thing I can think of is that you might be looking at W/Kg for a whole ride, rather than relative to FTP watts.

If after double-checking all your personal data and your 4DP profile is still wrong somehow on this point, you could contact the minions.

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Let’s do the math… W/kg of 1.48 and a FTP of 273 gives you a weight of 184.4 kg which is 405 lbs. I doubt you are that heavy. On the other hand as pounds it comes to 83.8 kg which is pretty close to your weight.

I would suggest that @Glen.Coutts is correct.

Thx for answers everyone :slight_smile: I did a doublecheck (again) of my settings and whaddayanow, my weight was set at 185 kg :rofl: I’ve obviously been busy entering this number, possibly double-entering values as I’m 185 cm height as well. Cone of confusion for a moment, obviously.