4DP result confusion

Hello, if anyone can help I’d be very grateful.
Ive just done my second 4DP and compared to a friends. Yeah I know, comparing stats is ridiculous to measure your fitness, but the results in the chart are bothering me.

His results were
NM - 843 very good
AC - 409 very god
MAP - 262 needs improvement
FTP - 212

Mine were
NM - 939 good
AC - 431 needs improvement
MAP - 343 lower than needs improvement
FTP - 299

I was higher W/Kg in all categories except AC and only just below.

What would the reason be that my results were considered so poor in comparison? I’ve been working pretty hard since starting SUF and feel pretty deflated.

Many thanks.

Instead of numbers, look at them as a % of ftp I suggest. Then you will see why the different ratings. You have a much higher “base”


The rankings of your numbers are based off their relationship to FTP. Your friend has some good sprint numbers in relationship to their FTP, while your higher FTP is making your higher sprint numbers not look as good, in relation.


Ok cool. That’s me satisfied.
Probably makes sense as I was given ‘time trialist’ style which includes has more base within 20 min power section.

Thanks guys


There is an exceptionally wide range between riders and as pointed out above, the “pie” chart for each of NM, AC, and MAP is relative to your individual FTP. There is a great article on this here and, if you scroll down, there is a spot where you can input your gender and your FTP and see just how wide a range that SUF has seen over thousands of tests. Why You Should Drop FTP and Train with 4DP – The Sufferfest