Calendar option to duplicate workout

Hi there ,
i read a lot of feature requests regarding the calendar in genral.
One further simple request i would add is the possibility besides “reschedule” or the drag and drop - which does the same thing - would be to duplicate workouts in a similar way . Maybe an option in the context menu and a drag and drop functionality with “shift” as modifier to duplicate and place it directly on a spot of the calendar. That would further improve the usability of the calendar and planning several weeks ahead.


Welcome to the forums @arx! I too would love a duplicate ride feature (or copy and paste) as well as a duplicate/copy/paste week/month.


I would second that.

It would save the hassle to keep returning to the library to search for the same workout over and over again. button will allow the same workout to be re-added onto the with such ease.


@arx For me the workaround is click on the workout in the calendar that I want to duplicate and hit the 3 dots and select add to calendar. That way I don’t have to keep going back to the library and searching for the workout.


Good one. :pray:

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