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I would like to add, in bulk, the new Mobility workouts to my calendar. I don’t see a way to do that except one by one. Is there a way or is this a new Feature request to be able to add content based on the filter rather than a structured plan. @Glen.Coutts do you have ideas to help? :pray:t3::goat:


Lol. I love that you tagged me but nope. Until or unless the Wahoo scientists add a cross training option where the new mobility series is a stand alone thing that can be added in bulk the only way to do it is one at a time. Kind of a pita, obviously. I’d love to be able to add ALL, then once in the calendar, shuffle around using drag n drop or delete if I wanted.

I’m hoping one day we will be able to drag directly from the library like you could do in Training Peaks but they’d have to reformat the app to show all workouts (filtered by however you wanna filter it) on the left then drag em over to the calendar. In the mobility series I’d like to be able to add each area of focus as a block. So, add all Foot in sequence, then add all neck, then all core etc.


Yes, some sort of tagging (sub-tags, filtering, etc) to refine the set you want to add would be good; with Drag-and-drop available now, it’s so much easier to rearrange your calendar. I also want to be able to do rides I haven’t done, as often the plans add rides I’ve done a bazillion times. A filter on “haven’t ridden” would be oh-so-wonderfully-awesome.



Pretty sure we had that back in the before times. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would like to ask if there is a possibility to move the training plan forward. I have a training plan planned but for work reasons I will have to skip a week maybe two and I would have to move the whole training forward. For now the only option I have found is to move the workouts forward one at a time … and it’s not that comfortable. Request off topic, are you planning the possibility of adaptive training?

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If you’re moving the whole plan forward by a known period of time, eg one week, two weeks etc. the workaround for this is to delete the existing plan and add it again with the new end date. It will populate your calendar with all the same stuff and you won’t lose anything you’ve already completed.

Edit: I should add, welcome to the forums!! @gierpi

Also, fyi, adaptive training is something the community has asked for. Whether our overlords decide to implement it or not is anyones guess :crossed_fingers:t2:


Yep. I’ve done this a number of times when I figured I needed more recovery. Simply delete the existing plan and add it back with the new end date. Completed workouts remain, and workouts in the new plan that would have occurred prior to the current date don’t get added to you calendar.