Calendar Sync

Would it be possible (unless I’m mistaken and it already is) to add the ability to sync your calendar to somewhere using a URL?

I use to track my swimming and running fitness levels and it would be good if I could sync my training plan from calendar into there using a URL. I know it works for trainer road. It would give me a good opportunity to plan better and track my fitness and fatigue especially when training in multisports.


There is already a thread with a proper response from David McQuillen:


Thanks for the link :+1:t3: Tried searching before posting but didn’t find anything. I think that wraps that up neatly then!


Great to know :grinning:
I came here exactly to know about any perspective to have it integrated with my Google Calendar.
I think it will save my time, many times I am already in my Google Calendar and have to go to the app to check what is planned for the next couple of days.

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I can give you a workaround solution, but it’s not elegant at all and requires a trainingpeaks premium account.

  1. Ask the minions to send you your trainingplan in trainingpeaks. See here.

  2. Connect your Microsoft/Apple/Google calendar with trainingpeaks. See here.

Like I said, not elegant. I didn’t try it myself but it should work. And if, by any chance, you use TP already, worth a try.

Otherwise we need to be patient.

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Thanks @Pierre.
Yes, it works. Once I had a TP premium account, before the in the app calendar for Suf, and indeed sync it with my Google calendar.
Currently, I am barely using TP and don’t have a premium account anymore.

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