Sync Suff Calendar with MAC/PC Calendar

It wold be great if the Suff App Plan Calendar was able to sync to the calendars we use on our computers, tablets and phones. It gets rather tiresome having to open the app to see what’s next on the suffering table GVA set forth. Unless its burried in the app somewhere I am pretty sure its not possible.

  • YES I know there is some convoluted way to do this via a 3rd party app but this is of ZERO interest and is frankly useless in keeping this simple and streamlined. *

I know this has been requested in the past (I for one) and I want to now if it has gained any traction on the ground yet.


I would like to see this feature too. Fed up of using different calendars to plan my diary…
Please, please sort this out…?


This would be a GREAT addition to the features.
For me, a Webcal subscription would make like a whole lot easier…and mean that could easily set it so that my wife also has a view on training calendar.


When are you planning to add this feature. It is pretty basic and a must have.


I agree 100 pct. It is a basic feature. Really easy to add. In fact, they had it before and removed it for some reason.

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Second to that as well. Hard to keep consistent when having to follow a separate calendar app.


Is syncing with other computer calendars (iCal, Office, etc) in the works?

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Radio silence here … so different from the trainerRoad forums where staff engage and acknowledge :frowning:


This is starting to look like the old Garmin forum, an echo chamber where nobody from the company is listening

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Ah, no. We’re listening. It’s just that this has been raised in other threads previously so not always responding as sometimes things slip by our attention. This is still something on our radar, but not something that’s currently on our near-term roadmap. We’re focused on other priorities, such as getting our Workout History function out the door and into the app.


So, focused on looking backwards rather than looking forward. That doesn’t seem right