Tracking Training Days

Hi there all,

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way other than Training Peaks Pro to track SUF workouts so I can see what is planned for the day. I am an Android user so I don’t have the option of the iOS application. Manually entering each workout on a Google Calendar? Im honestly open for anything other than paying for TP.

Thanks in advance!


Hi - so to see what the next workout in your plan is?

Or is this to look back are previous workouts.

I’d the former, then the Calendar will show you your workouts that are coming up - if you have a PC you’re running SUF on?

What do you use just now to run workouts off?

Happy to help with some suggestions if you can let me know what you current platform is.

If you want to track workouts you’ve done, and plan for (manually entered) future workouts, something like would work.

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Yes, so seeing what the next workout will be. Currently I have to open up a browser on my phone to check SUF and I’d rather open an app and do a quick check when I am planning my day in the morning.

Im not on my Paincave PC unless im prepping for a workout so checking the Windows application normally isn’t an option.

Golden cheetah is good. Pure open source and won’t charge.

I think will eventually start charging…

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The fastest way is to open a browser and look at your calendar

Otherwise you’ll have to manually put all
Your future workouts in to another app which feels very duplicative.

If it’s only for future workouts then I’d bookmark your calendar page in your phones browser.

If you want to put stuff in to an app you could just screenshot your week ahead from the calendar and save it as an image each day/week/whatever?
Then you just have to check that imagine (which you could put in any one of the standard apps you prob have in the phone if needed, but a direct reference to the image seems fastest.


Thank you for the quick replies everyone!

I created an icon that shortcuts to the SUF calendar on my phone’s home screen. Intervals allowed me to export the calendar as a subscribed calendar to Google Calendar. Will test out GC when I get home from the office. I’ll test them all over the next few weeks and pick which option works best.

EDIT: Adding SUF as a shortcut was my best bet. is great but the calendar doesn’t actively sync with google, I would have to constantly export when anything is changed which is kinda annoying. Golden Cheetah just wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

Feel free to close the thread, thanks again!