Calibrating Power Meter Pedals

I recently purchased Garmin Rally XC100 pedals. I am wondering about the frequency of calibration. I am using a ELEMNT Bolt head unit. Do I need to do this prior to each ride? I read in the Garmin manual a reference to an auto set feature after initial calibration. I am wondering if this just applies when using with a Garmin head unit.

Also, I am interested in comparing power readings from the pedals versus my KICKR. I am assuming this would be accomplished by performing a workout in SYSTM using KICKR controlling power while simultaneously pairing the pedals to the Bolt. Is this correct?

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IDK about the Garmin pedals. My power pedals, crank and direct drive smart trainer don’t drift to any appreciable degree, especially after installation and some use. Pedals and crank I might do once a month. Trainer, at the beginning and ~middle of trainer season (aka, winter).

I’ve found that ERG response and stability is much better using the trainer for power than using some other power meter. The app sends the power request to the trainer, and the trainer manages the resistance wrt rpm to maintain that power itself. The engineers designed this internal feedback loop to work well. If you use an external PM, that carefully engineered loop is gone. The app takes the power it sees from the PM, and then incrementally adjusts the trainer resistance if that power is too high or too low. This doesn’t work as well.

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As for me, I tend to calibrate my pedal power meter every time I switch the pedals between my two bicycles, or rather, I always tell myself to do just that.

I am not too sure about the Garmin pedals but, my Assioma pedals will self-calibrate if the pedals on the crank arms are placed in the 12 and 6 o’clock positions.

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I calibrate all my outdoor bikes every single ride because:

  1. It takes mere seconds while I put on my shoes
  2. Temperature, air pressure humidity changes can affect the calibration (apparently)
  3. Coach shouts at me if I don’t

I’m so used to it now. It’s a habitz just like tucking my hair behind my ears before I put on my helmet.
FYI I have the Garmin Rally x200s and a Stages L crank (on different bikes)