Garmin Vector 3 dual sided pedals

Connected the pedasl no problem. But watts are about x2 what they should be. Elite Direto is smart trainer. If I pedal at a consistent pace and alternate between the Two (removing one so I am not using both together) Direto 160w Pedals 340w

Dumb question but have you calibrated the pedals? I have a pair and they’re spot on with my KickrBike and also my crank PM.

Ah and SYSTM from memory i think reads duals as singles so will double the Power. I think. What happens if you take the battery out of the right pedal?

Thanks for the advise. Removed right pedal and watts went up to +500. Same results when using app on phone. Cheers

Argh, super frustrating. I’ll try have a shot at putting my Rallys back on the Kickr this weekend and see what happens