Garmin Vector 3 dual sided pedals

Connected the pedasl no problem. But watts are about x2 what they should be. Elite Direto is smart trainer. If I pedal at a consistent pace and alternate between the Two (removing one so I am not using both together) Direto 160w Pedals 340w

Dumb question but have you calibrated the pedals? I have a pair and they’re spot on with my KickrBike and also my crank PM.

Ah and SYSTM from memory i think reads duals as singles so will double the Power. I think. What happens if you take the battery out of the right pedal?

Thanks for the advise. Removed right pedal and watts went up to +500. Same results when using app on phone. Cheers

Argh, super frustrating. I’ll try have a shot at putting my Rallys back on the Kickr this weekend and see what happens

My vector 3 pedals are fine as well, dual sided and don’t double the power in Systm.

How do I calibrate the pedals with a wahoo headunit?

Go into Settings on the Wahoo, select the Vector 3 sensor then choose Calibrate.

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Hi there,
If I understood you correctly, you would like to have your power pedals work on your Wahoo unit. From my experience, been using power pedals since v1 and back Wahoo Kickr, power data from the pedals was always off, at least by 30 points. My take on this is that pedals are reporting incorrectly when used inside, I would suggest, if it is possible, rely on data from the trainer and not pedals. Data used to calculate generated power by pedals inside vs. outside is not the same as the result you see such big ‘delta’, this is my take.