Pricing for SYSTM - price hike?

In the SYSTM App there is only a monthly subscription option for €16.49 Euros per month. (Taxes may apply!)

No Annual subscription option appears to be available in App….

This works out at €200 (euros) per year
Sufferfest was $129 per year

This is a Massive PRICE HIKE !!!
Hope somebody can tell me I’m wrong!

K, you’re wrong?

My mobile says to go to the web site to manage subscription. @ the main portal I see

So $129 annual is like - what - 110 euro? (obv. that’s just a straight conversion, it might be a little off from that, but I’m sure nowhere NEAR 200 euro)

The IOS App only gives a monthly option!

Yes, and I’m looking at it, and my subscription management literally says to go. to. the. website. Where it lists both monthly and annual options.

I’m assuming you purchase the annual plan at the website, and when you login/sync to the mobile platform, it will reflect your annual plan. That’s how it worked for me.


subscribing through the iOS store is usually more $$. I noticed this with a few other apps I pay for as well, just sign up through the website and save the cash.


Yeah Apple basically try to rip you off. They recently lost a battle to prevent companies advising people of cheaper subscriptions if they go direct. Before that companies could only advertise subscribing through apple within iOS apps. Basically then you pay the subscription plus Apple tax.

That’s also worth checking on any other subscriptions you manage through Apple.

Edit sorry, just seen @cj0hns already bssically said this and much more succinctly :slight_smile:


… and then take note of Apple’s business practices. Realise they’ve always been like this and put your money elsewhere :slight_smile:


Worst among equals…the business models are pretty horrible across all platforms. :grimacing:


Adding another “you’re wrong”, just to double/triple confirm what others have said. Manage your account direct for the raw (what SUF, sorry Wahoo, charge) price. Apple in-app purchases have unavoidable “Apple tax” applied. Likely catches many an unsuspecting person out but nothing SUF, sorry Wahoo, can do about that if they want the app in the Apple store. Account management can be accessed via using your regular login.

@cj0hns Exactly - google Epic vs. Apple for the full explanation.

Though one COULD make the argument that the “Apple tax” is a privacy surcharge, since their platforms at least make a nominal effort to protect your data and personal information, rather than just monetizing everything they get from you as fast as an algorithm can crunch the data.


yeah arguments either way, but they generally charge about 30% on top


I have some magic beans I think you may be interested in…

I’m good, thanks. :joy:

Though in all fairness, Jack did pretty good for himself in the end.

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My comment was more Apple v Direct as there isn’t even an option to subscribe through Google.

Actually, in the Android app (Google), there’s approx. 20% more expensive option to subscribe than via the website directly.

In Polish zloty it’s 70 PLN via Android vs. 60 PLN via the SYSTM website.

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My apologies then I didn’t see that, but my point of Apple v Direct was still my main point :slight_smile:

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