Can't find past rides in the new app?

in the new app, I can not find a list of all the past videos I had done. In the old app they were easy to see and you could see how many times you had done a specific video. Am I just missing it somewhere or is it no longer a feature.


I have the same question.
I tried to find it in the iOS app and Windows PC app. I really used to use that function and it is annoying not to have that anymore, can’t see the point of downgrading a useful functionality.


You can also no longer sort by “Last Ridden” in the list of workouts or when looking at a specific workout see “Times Ridden” or “Last Ridden”, so it seems the only place to see what you’ve done previously is in the Calendar.

I have to say there’s basic functionality missing in the new platform. Removing information that was there before makes you think things have been rushed to get to yesterday’s launch date.
Let’s hope things get improved before the old app is turned off in November!

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From the announcement post, you’ll start seeing in the weeks ahead, and will be part of the new analytics package


I think it was more a case of getting the basis of the new app out, I don’t think there is much point re-writing the old stuff, if it is going to be totally replaced by new functionality in a few weeks


Thank you, I must have missed that that one. Good to know it will come back.

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This, folks. Read the manual.



You can find them in the calendar in list mode.

I have the same answer.

Being a member of the beta for 6 months, I can tell you that nothing was “rushed”. Had they been rushed, you would see “all” of the old features in the new app, but not fully vetted.

These are coming and will be released when they pass both quality control and beta.


Perhaps “rushed” was the wrong word to use but when even “The Boss” says:

add important features (such as workout history and basic analytics)

you have to scratch your head a bit at the decisions. Not having workout history is like Microsoft releasing a new version of Word and saying spell-checking isn’t ready yet. IMHO, give us a new version which is the building block for lots of spanky new features next year but there should be feature / function parity with the old app first (at launch).

My “workflow” after a SUF session was to crawl off the trainer, pop some notes against the workout on how I performed / felt, then use Passport > Activities to search for the same workout and compare my performance today against previous attempts.

Anyway, lets hope this important functionality is added to the new app before the old app is killed mid-November!


Where was this quoted from, the only quote I can find from “The Boss” was the one I posted above … thanks in advance

I took it from the launch e-mail I got on Tuesday from @David.McQuillen.KoS


Cool, cheers, didn’t see it in the “announcing” post, but there it is, promised twice then

Got it, makes more sense now. From what I understand, they have so much that they are working on. And nothing that I’ve seen yet.

Not sure what their rationale was for releasing with the features we see today. I’d guess it was to get something delivered for the fall when the Northern Hemisphere prepares to hibernate.

I know the discussions in my riding groups lately have been all about which app to use indoors. No app is ever perfect or complete, so deciding when to release is a fine balance of many different considerations.


I knew I could find them in the Calendar. I did do my part looking for it.
However, it absolutely does not replace the function where you can find a specific workout and check/compare evolution.
It was a really important and useful function that is completely missing.

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It seems they needed beta testers that do structured training and look at previous activities to compare performance.

My working process is the same as yours, I was in the Beta.

At the same time, the new platform addresses more pressing needs such as enhanced platform support (LOTS of people demanding Android) and a far more stable set of foundations.

Yes, not having this in at launch is a pity and a regression, but it’s also something they plan to add.

I worked in computer games for 10 years and when to launch is always a difficult decision to make. People on the forums were literally screaming about the lack of Android support, while SYSTM is the foundation of something new, bigger and stronger.

It’s a minor kink, a little frustration, but the reality of it is, bearing in mind I do exactly the same thing as you typically (comparing my output today to previous), it’s something we like to do, but the session was the actually important bit.
I’d be bothered if they said “Yeah, we don’t think that’s necessary” and it wasn’t going to come back, but as things stand it is acknowledged, it’s coming back, we have a bigger and more stable platform for the future and we just have to wait a tiny bit for that feature that we use (but isn’t literally critical to the experience).

I think it’s sometimes easy to get caught up on the little snags we see as individuals without acknowledging just how much work has actually taken place to get things to where they are and a couple of moans always sound louder than all the praise.


I sync all my workouts to Strava and then use the free Elevate extension for Chrome which pulls in all my workouts from Strava. It has a neat search function that I use to show all the previous times I’ve done each workout and can quickly compare my times and pace and power, etc.

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So it’s been three weeks since the last response to this thread and I can’t still find this functionality- is there an ETA? For me, this was one of the most useful features to compare training “feeling” vs training performance

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I do the same as @emacdoug , push the activities to Strava (and Garmin Connect) and compare there:

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wondering if this is a set of data we will ever get back? seems like no since it’s been so long…

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