Date Last Ridden

Is being able to Sort by Date Last Ridden ever coming back? I flagged this at the launch of the new app but still no sign of it returning, despite it being in the Sufferfest app.

In addition, can ridden information (last ridden and times ridden) be put back at the top of each activity page like the old app?


You could also put the last ridden date in the white space on the rides list (where I’ve marked with yellow)

This would help when working through a Channel - I’m going through On Location but to see which one I have or haven’t ridden, I have to click into each workout and scroll down past the blurb to see if Activity History is present or not. This and being able to sort by Last Ridden would save a few minutes of scrolling when picking a session.


Yes, please add this feature!


Please bring these features back! I’ve never understood why these were removed in the first place nor has any reason been given as to why they can’t be brought back.


I’ve noticed in v7.51 it now shows the date “last done” at the top when looking at a ride, so some progress. I would look in the release notes but nobody at Wahoo has bothered to update them since May :roll_eyes:

Wahoo - Please can you give us Sort by Date Last Ridden back? It’s been missing over a year now


+1 for this.

@Harpoon: I’ve created an unofficial release notes page here:

But even with the official Release Notes the changes were always very arbitrary and generic like “Minor backend and user interface updates”.


There is something already that can help with this. If you go to “Progress” on the left hand side navigation, and then to awards you can click on an individual thing like “On Location: Portugal” this then lists all the rides and if you have done any of the a green tick appears next to the ride.


Bit of a moan coming up…

We’re approaching 18 months since Systm launched and sort by “Date Last Ridden” is still missing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Recent updates have added “My List” and you can sort most workout lists by “Date Added” or “Release Date”. So what in the name of GvA is taking so long to put back a sort order that was in the Sufferfest app?

If the developers can’t add an extra option to a combo box and implement the sort order in a less than a few hours, they should be despatched to Flogging Station #3 immediately.

Oh, and can they add a filter criteria of Ridden / Not Ridden as well please? There’s 349 cycling workouts now, so knowing which I haven’t suffered enjoyed yet would be handy.


I’ve given up hope for this. Of all the new features they could add, this one would be up there in the value vs ease of implementation equation.

At the start of the winter one of my goals was to work my way through the Systm back catalogue, and this feature would have made that much easier.

Plus, being about to sort by date last ridden would be really useful when you have a small set of workouts you want to rotate through (for example, I like to alternate between Yoga sessions).

But for some reason, despite it being (or at least should be) easy to implement (as a dev, I know that this is the kind of feature I wouldn’t mind being asked to implement for an easier life), and it being much asked for in the forums, our cries just echo into the void :slight_smile: .


Not quite the ease you are looking for but you can use the progress tab to help with this (in case you’re not aware…). You still need to go in by category (SUF, Inspiration) or sub category in the case of the OLs, AWWs etc, but it’s useful.


@leebo @Harpoon @stygian Agreed that the filter would be great but the Progress tab works well and is the method I use and then I add workouts to My List and then remove them when completed.

Note that there is also the ReTool site a another reference but there isn’t a connection to the app:

Login with your SYSTM username and password.


Almost another year goes by and still not able to sort by Date Last Ridden…

Tap tap - is anyone home in the dev team who can spend an hour or so adding a new (well, old) sort order please?

If you can’t put date last ridden against the activity on the list of work outs, could you add a little tick or something to show which workouts you’ve done when scrolling down a big long list please?

Both would be good now there are 368 workouts in the cycling channel!


@Harpoon That is available but you have to go into the badges.

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So easy to add to the list of workouts screen then :wink: