Can't get level/gears to work but ERG fine

OK, newbie here so not very knowledgeable, apologies.

I have a Wattbike atom 2nd gen, ipad. I can actually see what gear i’m in but no matter what level or gear there is no resistance at all.

Tried rebooting and turning bluetooth on/off but gave up and went to ERG.

I know my gears work in other training platforms.

I was looking forward to doing my first 4DP with gears, will doing it in ERG be just as accurate.


Hi @jayb7, welcome to the forum! Have you seen this article from our minions?

@jayb7 Welcome to the group.
Did Cody’s article link help?
If not, I have Wattbike Atom 1st Gen, and will try to help if I can.

Hello, yes, i needed a firmware update and gears are great now thanks.


@jayb7 Great - You can now suffer pain, misery & agony to the full!! Enjoy!