Wattbike Atom problems

I’ve removed the wattbike app and reinstalled it but I still can’t use the shifters to change intensity or swap from erg to level. Also the auto pause (even though it’s toggled on) isn’t working…
Any ideas??

You don’t need the Wattbike app to use SYSTM. Instead, you should pair your Wattbike to your device within the SYSTM app. Make sure the Wattbike app isn’t open at the same time as it may try and seize control of the Bluetooth connection.

SYSTM doesnt use the shifters to change from ERG to LVL, instead you can control this in the app (or keyboard shortcut if you are using one).

I don’t use wattbike app whilst using systm.
I re installed it to see if there had been an update that might cure the issues of the auto pause not working.
The shifters used to work just fine, in Sufferfest, to change from erg to lvl so I see no reason this shouldn’t be so again!
The same goes for using the shifters to change Intensity…

Sorry, I misunderstood your issue. No issues with my Wattbike working with SYSTM, but I use MacOS and ANT+, so even that isn’t comparable with your setup.

I would email the minions to see if they can help.

Dame Christine what set up are you using for the wattbike app. I use Android phone for wattbike hub app where i find the polar view really useful alongside using windows 10 laptop for systm.

Today had to do an endurance session indoors so used Systm on phone for the session and gear changes all worked fine.

I’m using a Samsung tablet (android app).
Today I did the Nice to Menton On Location. As well as the shifters not responding there were a couple of sections where the power fluctuated. It then settled but kept the power above the requested (erg) level… permanently in red!
I don’t know if it’s a bug on the workout, the app or what…!!!