Can't play videos

Is anyone else having issues actually getting a video to play? When I click on the video, I have no option to “Start workout” or “play video”. None of them can play. What am I missing please?

I’m guessing you are using the web app (ie browser based) which has all the functionality except playing videos - I assume due to lacking device connectivity.

You need to download a native app to play videos - use the links at the bottom of this page - SYSTM Training Program & Workout App | Wahoo Fitness UK

Unfortunately that did not change anything.

It totally looks like your accessing the web based browser that nearly mirrors the app but isn’t. Are you using Mac, Windows, iOS or Android? If you’ve downloaded the app itself, and installed it, there should be an icon that you need to tap/click to open the app itself.


If you still aren’t able to play a video, you should email the minions at

You should see a play button, not just the … three dot thingy.

Sorta like this depending on your OS

Glen, I have it downloaded and working fine on my Android app. But I cannot get it to play on my Windows laptop. I prefer to use the bigger laptop screen when training instead of the Android. I don’t see where to download the app on Windows

You can find the Windows app download link near the very bottom of this web page.

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Here is a direct link for the windows app download

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