Challenges and Calendar Events?

As someone relatively new to Sufferfest I was just looking at the challenges and events. Am I right in thinking that the two main ones are:

  • Knighthood (10 Videos back to back) - Any Time
  • Tour of Sufferlandia (10 videos in 10 days) - February
  • Are there others?

Is there anything to work for towards Christmas? I was wondering if there were plans for events around that time? I’m thinking that I might work up to doing “the Knighthood” just before Christmas Day so I can have some focus and make the most of the Christmas holidays!


Agree I’m currently doing building blocks and plan to do the volcano plan next but with the lock down I would love an event to keep motivation high during the the lockdown. An event that builds in days for outdoor work would be great, with working from home I defo need to get when possible. Or I might just have to do the knighthood :thinking:

There’s an annual Knights’ event late November/early December. Get your Knighthood done and we can tell you all about it. Although you may then wish you didn’t know :smiling_imp:


There are many opportunities to unlock badges within the SUF app. The TOS isn’t as simple as ten workouts in ten days but it’s definitely worth doing when it comes around!

Is it only 10 in 10 these days now?! Where did SUF go wrong?


Good to see you maintaining the minions’ concept of counting there Sir Cody. Although this time it’s gone the other way, ToS being only nine days and all that :wink:


How awesome would that be?! GVA announces a surprise stage 10 during stage 9 :star_struck: