Introducing....... my SufferFestivus

I’m in lockdown and the trainer is getting a solid workout. But sometimes it’s not enough. I need a challenge. Knighthood? Done. Everesting? not feasible, can’t ride outside. Tour of Sufferlandria? Getting closer… so I made one up. I call it my SufferFestivus - 50 Sufferfest workouts in 5 weeks or as few days as possible. All the named videos, in alphabetical order, at 100% (within reason, I might have to reduce intensity a bit on the second or third for the day), aiming for 10 a week. All the mash-ups, excluding only the Opens, No Vids, GCNs, and a couple of drills. 2 rest days. ~4000 total TSS. I’ve made a good start, completed day 3, video #4 (Blender). I’ll certainly be making use of the yoga and mental strength modules too. Hopefully, by the time I’m done in early October, the restrictions will have lifted a bit and I can ride outside with friends, because I’ll be pretty tired of the trainer by then!
Oh, and I’m raising $ for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, if anyone would like to contribute to their good work helping vulnerable refugees:
Feel free to add ‘encouraging’ comments on my Strava: Thanks


Wow! That’s an impressive challenge, @Ali_S! Crush it :facepunch::sunglasses:


Nearly done - day 33 and 46 videos done. The Way Out today. Actually not a recovery ride at all on these tired legs :wink:


Cool! You’re nuts, but cool!


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