Change Cuore?

While I am all for supporting the Sufferfest and Col Collective in these challenging times, their kit supplier Cuore is taking the p***.

I placed a Col Collective shirt order nearly 2 months ago and it still says in Production - they took my money straight away but no sign of the kit. DItto with the KoS jersey for an order that was placed 3 weeks ago that says Processing but the money was taken out of my account immediately.

2+ months for creation and delivery of kit is exceptionally excessive, especially when payment is taken immediately. While not the Sufferfest/Wahoo’s fault this does not reflect well on the brand.

I understand where you are coming from.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion.

I just wanted to add that David McQuillen was very upfront about the delivery time in this post:

That shouldn’t be a justification, of course.

I only hear good things about the quality of Cuore gear, maybe it‘s worth the wait. It‘s custom made and not off the shelve.

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@washsaint i just wish that myself and my fellow sufferer @DameGemma were able to actually place an order … I’d happily wait the lead time but due to Brexit (grrrrrrr!) the UK has been banished from postal options :broken_heart:

Very sorry that Cuore takes so long, guys. We also know that they aren’t great at updates/communications for those who have placed an order – mine was still saying ‘processing’ when it magically arrived on my doorstep. For those in the UK, I also know it’s super frustrating that you can’t order kit at the moment – we’re hoping that Cuore can sort something out soon (Cuore isn’t the only one in this situation, of course). I also appreciate all the suggestions for other kit providers – I’m afraid we won’t act on any of those as it’s complicated enough for us working with one provider. :slight_smile: For those who have ordered/are thinking of ordering – I assure you, it’s worth the wait…the kit is amazing.


So so disappointing and not very inclusive at all. Surely there should be a UK manufacturer option for us poor sods stuck on our little island. I for one did not vote for Brexit, just another fine example of it all being a rubbish idea. No KOS kit for UK Sufferlandrians. :sob:


Seems a little unfair to blame the SUF for not being ‘inclusive’ - as Sir Dave says, having one manufacturer is difficult enough. It’s not their fault that the UK is blessed (ahem) with an unusually high number of people desperate to cut off their noses to spite their faces.


So my Col Collective jersey showed up today. As Sir David said, well worth the wait! It’s gorgeous but I am glad I lost 20 pounds the last few months as the XL is a very snug fit.

Really like the jersey and worth the wait…even if the website still says in production.


I am about to make an order for some kit, but Cuore is an unknown brand here in Canberra. Not one person that I talked to had even heard of it.

This has me a bit worried about sizing as there is almost nothing to help when it comes to figuring out what size you need. Can someone compare with a known brand like Castelli.

Sir James,

Cuore is an European brand already known for customized jerseys, bibs, etc… Compared to Castelli (my favourite brand) it should be nearly the same sizing. I’ve attached the size charts from both companies, just in case…