Change default sorting on workout list?

Annoying indeed.
You can use a Back button to get back to Cycling instead of going through the Library → Cycling. Filter settings are preserved then.
It works in web app, as you can click on browser back button.
It works in Windows app, too, You just need a back button but if you had a keyboard or mouse that allows key assignment then you could assign back functionality to one of the keys and use it in the same way as the back button in web browser.
Not a solution, workaround rather.


I thought it might be ok as a default, but I’ve found it remarkably irritating. That was partly based on user selected options persisting when navigating between sections in the app; as a dev, i’d call the fact it’s not, and the enforced default is… quirky (?), a fairly fundamental UI fail - you just don’t implement interfaces like this unless you want to piss people off.
If the intent was to promote new workouts, videos, and so on (which is a good idea I think) then maybe reworking the individual library category pages might help. Currently i’m seeing, on the phone, over 50% of the page used up before the first workout item, but a large wasted space next to the category picture.

That area could be turned into a scrolling widget with the latest stuff previewed maybe, or split and used to host the filter, search, or other widgets, or whatever

We also don’t need the category title, e.g. “Yoga”, listed twice, that’s just pure wasted space on top- especially as the second title is off screen almost as soon as you scroll.

Love a lot of this app, this change and layout, not so much :grin:


Good workarounds, when applicable! But for example, in PC app, if I go to my Calendar from the Library, where I had all the settings as desired, there’s no Back button available from Calendar. And no keyboard shortcuts that are typical in Windows Explorer or browsers will work.
I really wish this app was designed with more user friendly and standard Windows functionality methods.
Keyboard shortcuts like Alt-back arrow etc, AND SCROLL BARS. I can NOT UNDERSTAND failing to include scroll bars, especially for the Library and Calendar. Thankfully I can use the scroll wheel on my mouse, but that’s REALLY not nearly as helpful as a scroll bar.
And absolutely, I PLEAD for persistent settings as asked for in this thread.


There is no Back button in SYSTM UI but Back functionality is there. You just need a device (mouse or keyboard) that allows to assign custom action to a key (mouse key or keyboard key). I have the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S mouse and I can assign different action to its keys (using Logitech software, not Windows mouse properties). In fact, the Back action was assigned to one of its keys by default. Then, when in SYSTM I press that mouse key and SYSTM reacts with Back-like action, it returns to the previous view.

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Blows my mind that the mouse function works when the standard Windows shortcut does not! Almost as much as it blows my mind that SYSTM doesn’t have that functionality built in, which I think is a huge shortcoming in the app. I’m no programmer and don’t know how much hassle this would be to fix, but it would go a long way in improving the image of the SYSTM app to work well on Windows laptops. I honestly can’t imagine using my KICKR Bike with a phone as the interface. EVER.

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For anyone following this, it appears that Sort by Title, Ascending has been restored as the default. Unless it’s just me :slight_smile:


Me too. Thank goodness for that!


Really? Your solution to have new content on top is to have a “#New” at the start of the workout name. No words…Hope it is just a workaround for the moment, and a real solution will be implemented

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well, it does bring the 3 new workouts to the top when the default sort is by title so it does serve the purpose of highlighting them for folks who don’t linger on the home screen. I’m sure it’s temporary.


Agreed, I think it was a compromise to have the default search by Title A-Z and yet still let users stumble on new videos/workouts if they aren’t paying mind to the homepage announcements. Works for me.