Bug report: Custom sorting “My List” workouts

When applying a custom sort to the workouts in “My List” on the SYSTM app on iPhone/iPad, the sort order is lost (reverts to default) after selecting a workout and then trying to go back to the list.

For example, if I sort the “My List” workouts in ascending order of duration, and then click on a workout to preview it, when I click back to see the full list again, the custom sorting is lost and it reverts to the default of Date Added (descending).

This doesn’t occur on iPhone/iPad when sorting the full Workout list (as opposed to “My List” workouts), nor does it occur in the web browser for “My List” workouts.


I can confirm this behavior/bug on my Android phone too. Have you reported it to minions?


Cool, thanks, just sent it in there (wasn’t sure where/how bugs should be reported).