Change default sorting on workout list?

I see that the default list sorting has been changed to “Sort by release date”?
Is it possible to change this back somehow?
I don’t remember when Lower back recovery 1 was released. But I know it starts with L.
I can find them faster by scrolling on the Title sorted list, than searching for it.

I don’t see any user setting where it can be changed to another default. Or is it somewhere I don’t see?

Sir Jacob Pilgaard


Yes PLEASE! There is no option to set a default, so for now anyway, you’ll need to change it each time you use it.

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Please can we also allow user preference to persist i.e. when I set some filters I would like them to stay set until I change them



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Ugh, no, please say it isn’t so. Surely they haven’t actually gone and done that :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :exploding_head: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yep. This has proliferated. Needs to be corrected. It’s not in anybody’s best interest as the default.


What a bizarre choice. Must be a mistake because surely nobody would actively want that as the default? Please either go back to alphabetical or a user selectable default.


Def should remember the last chosen sort selection but…

I can kinda see why they have release date as the default as it highlights and brings to people’s attention new content they may not be aware of (and which the minions are proud of) . What I don’t see is what the release dates actually are. Is this available somewhere?


I can see the point of it as a sorting option but I don’t think it’s particualrly correct anyway.

E.g. AFAIK the four oldest Sufferfest videos are not Angels, Cadence Builds, Power Station and Revolver


100% agree. We all have our own preferences and the app should keep it there until we change them.


I don’t mind that sorting is by release date however does not sort correctly in “Week With” videos as the UCI are not together and only one of them is in first group despite UCI series being the newest addition. The rest are grouped with Neil Henderson.

Also videos in a group should be in order. For “Week With” should have introduction first and then in correct sequence as intended for the week. Currently all mixed up.

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Totally agree, where was the QA/usability testing on that one?!

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Well, I can just change the default settings as normal??? just had a look and I changed it to “by Title” descending and it worked fine??

And when you exit that page and go back in, the persistence of your filter choice should have lapsed?

I know I can change it, but it doesn’t keep the change. I could almost accept it as the default if it was the actual release date. But it’s not. It seems like it’s kind of a “newest” sort but minor modifications or repairs to older vids seems to make them newer than they are.


Still fine! I haven’t logged off and gone back in but I have gone into all the other pages and gone back to calendar and the drop down options are still there?? both in the “web” app and the “workout app”

The options don’t disappear. It just doesn’t retain the selections you make when you navigate away and come back.

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yes it looks like it but not really an issue for me, just change the filter each time, no problem really

Not a problem per se, just annoying. Even the default sort by title is in reverse alphabetical order which is counterintuitive to me.

This is in the context of requests for the ability to sort by “date last ridden” since SUF became SYSTM and that option is still unavailable atm.

It just seems odd to me that they’d release a fixed default sort option that doesn’t actually do what it says.


You fortunate.

For me, go into Library, Cycling, filter by Title and Ascending, workout list changes as desired, go to Calendar tab, return to Library tab, back into Cycling, and default is back to Sort by Release Date rather than keeping the persistence of my chosen filter option no less than 10 seconds prior.
No need for me to log out etc.

Persistence stays there when staying in Library and going through workouts. Persistence lapses when leaving Library.

Means having to suck it up and use the default or each time entering Library, go through my filter options. PITA!