Workout selection / filtering improvement suggestions

I opened ticket with The Minions back in August 2019. One of the items I raised was that on the Workout page (Windows app), if I change the sort order to Duration but then click to another type of workout (eg Yoga) or go to Passport, when you go back to Workout the sort order has changed back to Duration. Please can the app remember the last picked workout sort order?

Likewise, can you remember if the user has selected to group (eg by Category) when moving between screens?

Next, as the list of workouts has grown with all the new works, especially the recent recover, endurance and no-vid releases (great work BTW!), can you make the End key go to the bottom of the workout list please? I suspect the list is built dynamically, so when you press End it goes to the bottom of the loaded list but there is whole load of workouts still to show.

Finally, it would also be good for me to (temporarily) exclude some categories but not use Category grouping. My morning turbo session is 30 to 60 minutes, so I’ll scroll through the workouts with them sorted by duration (no grouping selected) but all the new 20 to 30 minute recovery videos mean a lot of scrolling.

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Many of us have been asking for this filtering etc for the same length of time or longer with zero traction from the braintrust. Maybe after the TOS something will come of it.