Cheap bike for Kickr smart trainer

I ride a Giant Defy Advantage endurance bike on my kickr and outdoors. I find it a chore to take rear wheel off and on when switching from outdoor to indoor and vice versa. I’m also afraid I might damage my disc brakes or chain. I’m considering buying a second bike and leaving it on the kickr core. Would a lower priced Giant endurance bike work for me?

Any bike will work. I’d get a cheap 2nd hand road bike. Even an ancient 8 speed will be fine as long as it’s the right size.


Seconded. If you look around, you can actually find some high-end bikes in the “vintage” range, that won’t set you back too much.

Thanks for the ideas. By the way I have a “vintage” Vitus 979 which I bought in 1986. Its not going on the Wahoo kicker.

Aww, I remember the Vitus from ‘86. Beautiful bike. About when I was starting out. A 1984 Gitane SuperCorsa, built off a Vitus frame. Because Renault Elf Gitane.

Yeah, wasn’t thinking THAT vintage. I’d love to have that one back. My semi-retired trainer bike is a 2002 Trek USPS TdF team demo bike.

What about this?


That’s PERFECT as a trainer bike :smiling_imp: particularly the unicorn fart paint job!!!



:money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

:joy: :rofl: :joy:

@DameLisa Except I know for a fact that unicorn farts are gold. I brewed this once, just for fun:



In all seriousness @Rob4 whatever bike you do get for your trainer, it would be a good idea to match your current bike’s geometry as much as possible. My trainer bike was a fair bit more aggressive in its initial setup and needed a new stem and a couple spacers to get a similar feel. Really glad I did that cuz I have spent an insane amount of time on the indoor bike. Good luck.


agreed. I would NEVER ride that thing outside :stuck_out_tongue: